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CPLS demands answers from Premier Clark on justice funding

The Coalition for Public Legal Services (CPLS) today issued a letter to Premier Christy Clark demanding clarification of this statement she made in the Legislature on February 15, 2012:

We’re putting more money in at the same time that crime is dropping, that the number of cases going to court is dropping, and the length of cases is actually staying the same. It just doesn’t add up. We are adding more money to the system, but in addition to that, we have a great responsibility to British Columbians. That is to get to the bottom of why, while there is more money and less work coming into the system, the delays are getting longer.

It turns out that - according to the BC Government's own data - most of this statement is completely false.  The part that's true:  the delays in the justice system are getting longer.

Pivot is a member of the coalition and signed on to this letter.  Read the whole letter here.