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Fall interns at Pivot

One of the hardest parts of working at Pivot is saying goodbye to the amazing people that come in and out of the Pivot orbit. Saying goodbye to this year’s summer interns seemed particularly difficult. I think it is because we all worked so closely – both in physical proximity (cozy, collaborative, office space) and because Pivot’s new team structure allows people’s ideas, commitment, and personalities to come to the surface. Our system encourages collaboration, debate, accountability and leadership which in the end resulted in engagement, enthusiasm, and connection.

Working on projects as diverse as holding notorious DTES landlord George Wolsey to account for the living conditions in his two SRO hotels; participating in the Hope in Shadows photo contest and community vote; and writing for our forthcoming report on domestic violence courts, our summer interns added over 2500 hours of full-time work to campaigns.  They participated actively in all our team meetings, and connected with our supporters through our blog and social media channels. Their deep integration in our work set a new standard for our internship program.

We are excited to welcome our new group of fall interns to Pivot this week – Romana (legal), Liz (Hope in Shadows), and Cate (legal). We are looking forward to working with the insights from the summer group and moving our campaigns forward with an engaged crew of young people excited to work in a community organization fighting for a more equitable society. In the coming weeks and months, you will be hearing more from our extended fall team as they become integrated into Pivot’s work.