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Dear federal party leaders, (Harper.S@parl.gc.ca, Layton.J@parl.gc.ca, leader@greenparty.ca, reception@bloc.org, info@liberal.ca)

In light of the promise of an Omnibus Crime Bill in the first 100 days after parliament resumes, I would like to take this opportunity to express my perspective on drug policy.

  • Don’t ignore the evidence - support supervised injection facilities.

The InSite supervised injection facility saves lives.  Independent scientific evaluations have demonstrated that the facility curtails the spread of infectious diseases, promotes access to drug treatment and other healthcare services and contributes to reducing street disorder.

  • Amend the Federal Anti-Drug strategy

The National Anti- Drug Strategy has eliminated harm reduction as a key pillar and over-emphasizes a criminal justice response to drug addiction. It is time to for a new strategy that focuses on addiction as a public health issue.

  • Say no to U.S. style mandatory minimum sentencing

I am concerned about the introduction of legislation that will bring into force mandatory minimum sentences for drug -related crimes.  There is a large body of evidence demonstrating that this approach to sentencing is correlated with skyrocketing rates of imprisonment of the most vulnerable, has no effect on reducing drug use or reducing crime and diverts scarce public funds from health and education programs.

  • Stop the spread of HIV in Canadian prisons

The HIV prevalence rate in Canadian prisons is at least 10 times that found in the population as a whole and growing because of prisoners’ lack of access to harm reduction and treatment. The Federal government must use its powers to ensure that everyone in prison in Canada has access to harm reduction measures as well as other forms of treatment.

Canadians are ready for a drug policy that uses the best available evidence to promote the health, safety and human rights of everyone.