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Three men allege brutality by Harbour Centre security guards

Vancouver, June 28 2011 – Private security guards who patrol Vancouver’s Harbour Centre Mall are at the centre of both a B.C. Human Rights Complaint and a lawsuit being filed today.  

The complaint and the lawsuit are being filed by Pivot Legal Society against the Harbour Centre, the security guards and the private security firm Fusion Security on behalf of three men who were brutalized on mall property.

Shawn Alexander, Richard Kreke and Luis Larrain were severely beaten in the mall in two separate incidents.  Alexander and Kreke allege that on October 28, 2010 two guards dragged them from in front of the mall’s BC Liquor Store into a stairwell where they were both beaten. Photos of the stairwell after the alleged attack show blood strewn across the landing. Alexander received 13 stitches to his head as well as bruising across his upper body. Kreke had bruising to his torso.

Larrain alleges that on December 24, 2010, he was walking to use the mall’s washroom, as a guard had told him he could do, when he was knocked down from behind and dragged into a stairwell. Larrain says he was handcuffed and beaten so badly by two guards that he defecated himself.

"These attacks were unwarranted and deeply disproportionate to any alleged misconduct on the victim's parts," said Douglas King, Pivot lawyer and policing campaigner. “After hearing several different stories about negative interactions between private security guards at Harbour Centre from both mall employees and low-income people, we knew we needed to take action. Not only for these victims, but to ensure that private security companies and the businesses that hire them know they will be held accountable if they violate the human rights of marginalized people.”

The Human Rights Complaint and Small Claims Court cases will be filed on June 28.

Contact:  Douglas King 778-898-6349